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Need a Boiler Service or Repair?

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It’s easy to forget about the hardest working part of your house. So, we make it easy to look after it!

An annual boiler service is the way to go and you can book your boiler service below. Or existing customers can take advantage of our same day boiler breakdown service.

And if you’re concerned about safety, our Gas Appliance Testing service can put your mind at rest. We cover all areas of Belfast and beyond in Northern Ireland.

Boiler servicing - the benefits!

Servicing your boiler isn’t just about making sure it’s efficient. Regular servicing can extend the lifespan of your boiler and it’s also important for keeping you safe. That’s why we do all of this:

  • Carry out a system health check
  • Check the boiler is running at maximum efficiency
  • Look for scale damage to the boiler and system
  • Check controls and components

Our engineers come to you with the latest equipment and all manufacturer’s instructions to identify faults quickly and efficiently.

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Top Tips for Keeping Your Boiler in Top Condition

  • If you have a sealed system, check your water levels regularly
  • If your heating system needs to be topped up and you need to re-pressurise, our quick video can help NB: If this is happening constantly, call us for advice
  • Check overflows and discharges for drips or leaks
  • Keep your manufacturer’s handbook and benchmark book handy for reference
  • If your boiler trips or locks out, try re-firing by hitting the reset or lock-out light
  • Be wary of strange smells, staining or burn- marks – and turn your boiler off if you’re at all concerned.

If you’re concerned about anything – especially strange noises – call us!

Gas appliance testing for peace of mind

Gas fires and hobs should be tested frequently and comprehensively.

Our technicians are trained and qualified to inspect your appliances for faults or hazards, testing all safety devices, checking ventilation and cleaning all components to improve efficiency. They can also carry out repairs and replace parts.

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