Unleashing Teamwork and Fun: Our Memorable Team Building Afternoon at Prison Island

Unleashing Teamwork and Fun: Our Memorable Team Building Afternoon at Prison Island


Building strong relationships and fostering a sense of camaraderie among team members is crucial for any successful organisation. On the afternoon of May 19th, our team embarked on an exciting adventure at Prison Island, where we were divided into four teams and tasked with solving an array of challenging rooms. This unique experience provided us with an opportunity to collaborate, showcase our diverse skill sets, and bond outside the confines of our regular work environment.

The Adventure Begins

Challenge Rooms and Collaborative Efforts: Prison Island, with its 25 Challenge Cells, presented us with an assortment of mental, physical, and skill-based games. The objective was clear: as a team, we needed to work together, leverage our individual strengths, and maximise our scores in each cell. The challenges were designed to be completed within five minutes or less, allowing us to repeat them if we desired.

The mix of mental, physical, and skill-based games meant that everyone had a chance to shine. From mind-boggling puzzles and physical agility tests to skill-focused activities, there was something for everyone. Each challenge required effective communication, strategising, and quick thinking. It was fascinating to witness how different team members tackled problems from unique perspectives, enhancing our appreciation for diverse approaches to problem-solving.

The Spirit of Healthy Competition: As the clock ticked and the excitement intensified, friendly competition ignited among the teams. We were all eager to earn the highest scores and showcase our collective abilities. It was a testament to the dedication and teamwork displayed by all participants. Special mention goes to Stephen Kane’s team, who clinched the first position!

Beyond the Work Environment

One of the most valuable aspects of this team-building event was the opportunity to bring together individuals from different roles within our organisation. Integrating office staff with technicians, engineers, and plumbers allowed us to foster stronger connections and break down barriers that may exist between departments. We learned more about each other’s strengths, interests, and backgrounds, leading to a better understanding of how our roles intertwine to create a well-oiled machine.

Relaxing and Celebrating Success

Following our exhilarating adventure at Prison Island, we headed to The Bowery to unwind, celebrate our achievements, and savor a well-deserved meal and drinks. The relaxed ambiance provided the perfect setting for us to let loose, enjoy each other’s company, and engage in conversations that went beyond work-related topics. It was a time to appreciate the collective effort that went into the team-building event and to strengthen the bonds we had forged throughout the day.


Our team-building afternoon at Prison Island was an absolute success, enabling us to collaborate, compete, and celebrate together. Through the challenge rooms, we were pushed beyond our comfort zones, showcasing our abilities and learning from one another. The event served as a platform for bridging the gap between different departments, fostering a stronger sense of unity and shared purpose within our organisation. As we reflect on this memorable experience, we look forward to more opportunities to come together, bond, and continue building a high-performing team that thrives both inside and outside the workplace.