Quick Thinking Risk Management

Quick Thinking Risk Management

Health and Safety of our staff and customers has always been paramount in completing any job, regardless of size or cost.

We assess risk at every stage of the job and constantly challenge our staff to be mindful that these assessments are often drafted by a manager behind a desk, and that site conditions can change in the moment.

Adaptive Risk Assessment

St Bartholomew’s Church

We were recently employed by the church to replace their old cast iron sectional boiler that had served it’s time well but is now spent.

We swapped that out with two new high efficiency condensing oil boilers in the basement. The new Grant boilers tip the scales at a hefty 282 Kg each and when the engineers attempted to shift them, they quickly realised that attempting to manoeuvre around a tight turning stairwell had the potential to cause injury to the operatives or damage the equipment.

Between our contracts manager Paul and the two engineers a cost effective and safety conscious plan was concocted and with a simple phone call to Graham from Dawson Material Handling, a 2.5 ton fork truck was dispatched the following morning at 0700hrs.

Help is on the Way

The boilers were safely lowered into position within 20 minutes and everyone and all equipment safe and intact!

Lowering Boilers on Forks

This is one insight into our daily dedication to safety and initiative.