Phoenix Gas Offers

Phoenix Gas Offers

Phoenix Gas have recently launched a variety of special offers that may be beneficial to our valued customers.

We would encourage all homeowners to browse through and see if they qualify for any of these deals, as they are definitely worth taking advantage of.

These include discounts, special financing options, and government grants to help offset the cost of connecting to their natural gas network.

As an approved Phoenix Natural Gas Installer, we can guide you through the application process for these offers/schemes as well as organising the works at your property – ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Below is a summary of what is being offered by Phoenix:

Free Connection to a Natural Gas Meter

Get a complimentary connection to the Phoenix Natural Gas network for your home, if natural gas is already accessible in your area. Phoenix will take care of setting up the service and providing a meter at no cost to you.

Boiler Replacement Allowance

Replace your old boiler and save with the Boiler Replacement Allowance. This government program helps homeowners cover the cost of replacing boilers over 15 years old with energy-efficient condensing boilers.

Boiler Replacement Allowance Top Up

By replacing your boiler, you have the potential to save up to £1,300. Not only that, but if you go through Phoenix for your replacement, you’ll also receive an additional £300 cashback on top of the government’s boiler replacement allowance.

Home Mover

If you’re a recent home mover, you could be entitled to £400 cashback to convert your home to natural gas.

Saver 60

If you’re 60 or over, Phoenix are offering £400 cashback when you replace your old oil boiler with a new high-efficiency natural gas heating system.

Appliance Only Offer

By installing a highly efficient gas appliance, you may be entitled to £200 cashback. You can choose from a wide range of options like a real flame fire, a natural gas cooker, or a natural gas tumble-dryer, and experience the many benefits that come with using gas appliances.


All of these schemes are not only a great opportunity to save money but will also help your home become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Terms and conditions apply to all offers, see for more details. All offers end on 31st March 2023.

Contact us today so we can help you avail of these latest offers from Phoenix!