Environmental Consulting

Solv’s innovative approach to environmental consulting enables clients to achieve their sustainable business and corporate responsibility aspirations.

Releasing greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere causes climate change across the world. Over 70% of the UK's CO2 emissions originate from the production and use of energy. Our dependence on fossil fuels is driving the continued rise in carbon emissions which has a direct link to climate change. With UK fuel supplies depleting we are dependant on importing more fuel from overseas. Due to our location concerns exist around supply security and fuel price volatility. In the future business could face the prospect of interrupted supply and major price increases.

Alternative energy solutions are available - these include:

  • Biomass
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Solar Panels
  • CHP
  • Wind Generation
  • Ground/Air Source heat pumps

Some of these technologies may be unsuitable for your site or your requirements. As part of our service Solv offer a free initial consultation in order to ascertain the best energy solution for you. You may even be entitled to an interest free loan should the equipment qualify under the Carbon Trust's Loan Scheme. If you would like to avail of our free initial consultation please use the Contact Us tab above.

Energy Services Independent professional advice

  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessments
  • Energy Management Strategy and Training
  • Energy Policy Advice and Impact Assessments
  • Sustainable Solutions Development
  • Data Logging and Analysis
  • Bureau M&T Services
  • Energy and Low Carbon Research
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
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