Don’t Cut Corners with Your Boiler Service

Don’t Cut Corners with Your Boiler Service

It’s important to make sure your boiler is in top condition to keep you and your family warm. But not all boiler services are created equal. An incomplete service could lead to problems down the line.

That’s why it’s important to choose a company that will do a full boiler service without cutting any corners. At solv, we take pride in our detailed servicing procedure. Here’s what we do to ensure your boiler is in top condition:

Initial checklist:

  • Our team performs visual inspections of your appliance to assess its condition.
  • We perform operational tests to ensure your boiler is functioning properly.
  • Our team inspects your property to locate important components, such as the gas meter and appliances.
  • We visually inspect relevant areas, including flues and ventilation.
  • We conduct tests to ensure the integrity of gas-related elements, including pipework and fittings.

Servicing checklist:

  • We conduct thorough examinations of key components to ensure optimal performance.
  • We clean and check various parts, promoting efficient operation.
  • Any necessary maintenance or replacements are carried out as needed.
  • We ensure that essential elements, such as the condense trap, are clean and functional.
  • Pressure vessels, if applicable, are attended to.
  • We run tests to verify the safety and efficiency of your boiler.
  • Gas pressure and related factors are checked to maintain proper operation.
  • Flue tests are performed to ensure compliance and performance.
  • Additional checks are conducted to ensure all seals are intact and secure.
  • Documentation and necessary paperwork are completed for your records

We take these steps to ensure that your boiler is fully serviced and ready to keep you warm all year round until your next service is due. Don’t take chances – book with solv today using our booking form here for a full and complete service that won’t cut any corners.