Boiler Service Belfast

Our team of specialist boiler service engineers are on call 24/7 for all your boiler repair or boiler breakdown needs, whether it’s a routine boiler service check or diagnosis of a fault.

 Boiler Service Belfast

Any boiler that has not been regularly serviced can be extremely dangerous, producing carbon monoxide gas that may even lead to a fatality.

A regular service will ensure your safety is not compromised.

A regular gas boiler service or oil boiler service extends the working life of your boiler, we check controls and components, look for scale damage to the boiler and its system, check the radiators, valves and exposed pipework for leaks and corrosion, helping you enjoy many years with your boiler in good, safe working order. Or if your boiler breaks down unexpectedly we can be with you same day to Solv your heating dilemmas. All our engineers carry the latest equipment and manufacturer’s instructions for all boiler types to identify faults quickly and efficiently.

You can book online or alternatively contact our 24-hour help desk who will be happy to assist you.

Landlords Gas Safety Checks

If you are a Landlord of a property you will know the importance of checking all heating appliances on a yearly basis, under Gas Safe regulations it’s a legal requirement. At Solv we aim to keep your job as a landlord as simple as possible, we liaise with tenants to arrange suitable times and access, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Tips and advice

  • Check your water levels regularly, if you have a sealed system your pressure should be sitting between 1 and 1.5 bar, if you find it is dropping too often- Call your Solv Team for advice....
  • If your boiler starts making strange noises- Call your Solv Team for advice....
  • If you notice any smells, bad staining or burner marks, turn the appliance off immediately and- Call your Solv Team for advice....
  • Check overflows and discharges for drips or leaks, usually found on an outside wall near your appliance, if anything is found- Call your Solv Team for advice....
  • Try to keep your manufacturer's hand book and or benchmark book in your home for future reference, if you have lost or misplaced these- Call your Solv Team and we can print you out new ones....
  • If your boiler trips out or locks out, you can try re-firing the boiler by hitting the reset or lock out light, if it fails to fire- Call your Solv Team for advice....

What should be done on a gas boiler service?

We are often asked the difference between a Gas Safety Check and a Gas Boiler Service, some gas service companies will simply come in and carry out a gas safety check and by putting an analyser on your flue and testing if the gas line is sound, this is far from a gas boiler service.

We have broken down below what our engineers will do during a routine gas boiler service:

  • Introduce themselves and show Identification and Gas safe card
  • Check with client if the boiler and system have been running correctly
  • Check appliance location is suitable for the type of appliance installed
  • Check the appliance for any damage prior to commencing work on it
  • Take a set of combustion figures with flue gas analyser to ensure it is burning correctly
  • Check all electrics are conforming to current standards
  • Check for correct clearances from combustible materials
  • Check gas pipework is installed correctly
  • Check ventilation is correct- if required
  • Remove main burners, clean and inspect for signs of damage
  • Clean and inspect gas injectors
  • Reassemble burner and pilot assembly
  • Clean out the heat exchanger
  • Check electrode and ignition lead
  • Refit burner assembly and check all seals
  • Soundness test gas line
  • Check all casing seals for wear or that they are correctly aligned
  • Check operation of thermocouple
  • Measure all gas pressure and flow rates
  • Check and test flue for faults or blockages including terminal
  • Check system by-pass
  • Check system pressure is correct
  • Check pressure vessel is charged
  • Take flue gas analyses
  • Show customer boiler/ readings and complete and sign any relevant paper work
  • Advise customer of any defects found
  • Apply the Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure if necessary


Additional Appliances

While we are servicing your boiler we can offer a gas safety check on any other gas appliance for £18.00 plus VAT per appliance. Or a service for £28.00 plus VAT

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