Boiler Service

Having your boiler serviced is very important, entailing all the cleaning, checking and fault-finding that’s vital in minimising the chances of anything going wrong with your boiler in the future. Not only this, but a clean, serviced boiler is more efficient, using less fuel and therefore saving you money, that's why Solv promise to...

  • Check your boiler, controls and components.
  • Clean vital parts, help prevent carbon monoxide incidents and improve efficiency.
  • Check for scale damage to your boiler and system
  • Check your radiators, radiator valves and exposed pipe work for leaks and corrosion.

“All consumers are advised to have appliances checked for safety at least every 12 months by a Gas Safe Registered or Oftec Engineer”

Regular boiler servicing extends the working life of your boiler, and our highly skilled engineers will check controls and components, look for scale damage to the boiler and its system, and check the radiators, valves and exposed pipe work for leaks and corrosion, helping you enjoy many years with a boiler in good, safe working order.

We specialise in both combination and conventional systems.

Boiler Service

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